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When I think about introducing Fading Flower, all that comes to my mind is art. Yes, ART. Everything that I do is beautifully connected to my love of art. I love to create. I love what creativity does for my spirit and my mood. Everyone on this earth has different talents and I feel as though my talent can help those that are skilled in other areas but may lack the artistic flare I feel as though I've been blessed with. The name Fading Flower came from a scripture in the bible. It translates to me that no matter what beauty we bring to the world whether that beauty lies in look, word, sound, touch, etc., it all fades away eventually. My desire and hope is that people will take the time to stop and truly admire the beauty there is in the world because eventually it will fade, I bring to you art in multiple forms, Art in your home. Art in your business. Art in your phone. I hope that you not only leave satisfied but with a greater appreciation for aestheticism. Enjoy!

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